GRP - Fibreglass

A highly versatile material used to make mouldings ranging from standard building products to complex bespoke designs.

GRP - Fibreglass

Extremely Efficient And Hard Wearing

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP), more commonly known as fibreglass is a composite laminate of glass fibres in a polyester resin matrix.

Extremely tough and durable, GRP is used in buildings for exterior cladding panels and also as fully structural load bearing elements including complete buildings or roofs.

Proven to last a long time, it’s an ideal choice for a roof because a continuous fibreglass surface has no joins, no welds and no seams.

Practically any size, shape and surface texture can be produced in a hand laminated fibreglass moulding. Any limitations are likely to be economic rather than physical ones.

All GRP resins can be pigmented to any colour including metallic finishes. Specially formulated resins for translucent GRP give light transmittance and appearance similar to glass.

Product Benefits

100% weatherproof and watertight seal

Seamless to prevent water penetration

Maintenance free

Resistance to high temperature and UV exposure

Resistance to extremes of temperature change

Long life expectancy

Compatible with a wide range of substrates

Can be made translucent or opaque

Where to use

Flat roofs

Dormer roofs

Cladding panels

Decorative features

Drainage components

Door and window frames

Valley gutters

Waterproof membranes