Resin Bound

Aesthetically pleasing and hard wearing, the finish creates a seamless, safe and attractive surface which will totally transform any area.

Resin Bound

A Perfect Finish Every Time

A great alternative to more traditional finishes for exterior areas, such as paving, tiles or even decking, resin bound flooring is the ideal surfacing for high traffic areas in both domestic and commercial settings, indoors and outside and within both wet and dry environments.

The permeable, UV stable polyurethane binder solution is especially popular for use in resin driveways. The system utilises natural decorative aggregates such as pea gravel, quartz sands, granites, flint and glass encapsulated with specialised light stable resins.

This results in smooth and compressed resin surfaces that can be used both externally around pools, for pathways and drives and internally for kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, showrooms and offices.

Logos, motifs, figures and safety lettering can be easily incorporated and we can also offer systems with both a porous and non-porous finish depending on the installations requirements.

Product Benefits


UV stable


Low viscosity

Used with a wide variety of decorative and functional stones

Can be laid at a range of thicknesses

Compatible with a wide range of substrates

Where to use

Formation of stone carpets for internal and external use

Walk ways, paths, decking horticultural and architectural features

Showrooms and lobbies

With rubber crumb systems for play areas

Sports areas

Balconies, decks and hallways

Tree pits


Choose A Surface That Suits You

We install from a wide range of colours, mixtures and special gradings, the samples below are just to show a few of the most popular ones, but if you don’t see what you want please contact us and we will advise on what is available.
White Flint
Pearl Quartz
Golden Quartz
Golden Pea
Chinese Bauxite
Brittany Bronze
Autumn Quartz